General Instructions For Activities Building 

We have established guidelines for the use of the Activities Building to make it available for those activities that our church family supports, and to include outreach events in the community.  We must mindful of its preservation, continual upkeep and the expenses involved in doing so. 

  1. The Activities Building should be first and always available to church needs such as Youth Activities, Recovery Services, fellowship dinners or small group meetings as required by our church family. 
  1. The Activities Building will be available for church family functions such as birthday parties and family celebrations and activities. The person requesting and reserving the Activities Building will be responsible for making sure all food and trash are removed,  that all guests have vacated the building and that the building is secured. Check all 5 entry points to make sure they are secured, and the key is to be returned to the office the next day. 
  1. Outreach community activities approved by the Activities Building committee such as Health Fair, Life Line Screening that are open to the community will be reserved with a $200 non- refundable deposit.  All reservations should be made 2 months in advance. 

kitchen guidelines

  1. Clean and dry all dishes, serving trays, bowls, pots and pans.
  2. All counter tops and work areas should be cleaned after use.
  3. Do not leave left over food in refrigerator after your event is concluded. Take everything you brought to the activities building.
  4. Please leave kitchen floor cleaned of spills and debris. 
  5. Remove all your garbage and place in outside waste container at the edge of the parking lot east of the building.
  6. Please do not leave any leftover supplies from your event in the kitchen or building. Avoid bringing any cardboard boxes into the kitchen. This promotes insects/roaches to breed in our kitchen. 
  7. Nothing is to be removed from kitchen. 

user instructions

  1. The person requesting the use of the Activities Building should fill out a usage request form for non-church family activities. All weddings should be requested with this form so that the dates can be reserved and cleared for availability by our church secretary. 
  2. The user of the Activities Building assumes all liability for injuries to all person there for the approved function or event and any damage or loss of use of the Activities Building. 
  3. Children should be supervised by their parents or responsible adults in charge of the event at all times until they leave the premises. Children should not be allowed to roam on church property. 
  4. Do not tamper with thermostats. 
  5. Nothing is to be removed from Activities Building such as Tables, chairs wedding decorations or kitchen equipment unless prior approval was authorized. 
  6. All injuries must be reported to the church office immediately.